Bakuman Season 1 2 3 [Complete] 90mb Mini MKV

Bakuman Season 1 2 3 Mini Mkv 90MB Episodes.
Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English
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720p | 90MB size:

720p | 90MB size:

720p | 90MB size:

Alternative Titles

English: Bakuman.
Synonyms: Bakuman Season 1, Bakuman Season 2, Bakuman Season 3
Japanese: バクマン。


Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

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10 Responses to “Bakuman Season 1 2 3 [Complete] 90mb Mini MKV

  • links for episode 5 didn’t work..please do something 🙂 thanks

    • I have notified the admin who added Bakuman and they are re-uploading. I will reply as soon as uploads are done with new links.
      Sorry for inconvenience.

  • excuse me,links for episodes 16 are not working..can you fix it? thank you 😀

  • Hello!the links for bakuman season 1 ep 17 onward are dead. hope u can update soon

    • Other admin added Bakuman so I can only fix if 2-3 episodes are dead, many episodes only he can re-upload. I’ll let him know. It’s difficult with just 2 people and so many anime our there 🙂
      Thanks for reporting.

  • Hi!~ Bakuman S1 links are deleted. Will you still re-upload them? Thanks. m(_ _)m

  • all 3 season bakuman adfly links says not found 404

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