Detective Conan | Case Closed | Meitantei Conan

Detective Conan | Meitantei Conan Complete Mini MP4 / MKV 60MB – 90MB
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
The following are size of 50MB-60MB and 720p in quality:
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9 Responses to “Detective Conan | Case Closed | Meitantei Conan

  • Thank you for responding so quickly.I love this site.

  • Ep 1 to latest please…

  • Some episodes are misssing.Please upload them.

    • The missing episodes were not subbed last time we checked. We don’t know the reason why but some episodes in middle are not getting subbed. DCTP used to sub Detective Conan and now they have stopped so someone else will be doing it.

  • Ok,Thank You.

  • Can you fix The missing episode!

    • They are not subbed as dctp quitted subbing them and I think they were the only one’s working on detective conan :/

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