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Are you tired of downloading each episode one by one? This is a short tutorial to tell you how to download lots of episodes of Anime from our website easily. Follow the following steps:

1. First download this program called: > WackGet <

2. You don’t even need to install it, just extract it and then run it and you will see the following:


3. Click “File > Preferences” and then you will see this:


“Download Directory” is the place where you want your episodes to be saved. Select any.

Set Queue value to 1. This means that it will download only 1 episode before moving to the next. So suppose you are downloading Naruto. It will download Naruto Episode 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 instead of downloading all 200 episodes at the same time.

Rest of the settings keep the same as in the picture.

4. Get the episode link.

There are 2 ways to get the Episode link. First is to click Ctrl + J in Chrome and get it from the following page:


Or simply the better way, Click on “Direct Download” in our website then you’ll be take to ADF.LY, Right click “Skip Ad” and then click “Copy Link URL”:


5. When you have the link, simply click “Queue”, “Add New Item” and you will have your episode in the list.

Do this for all the episodes you want to download and the result will be this:


Episode 1 will be downloading first then the next and then the next. When 1 finishes downloading you can watch it while 2nd downloads, then you can watch the 2nd while the 3rd and the remaining downloads.

Any questions? Ask us we will help!


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