How To Download

If you are having problem downloading follow these steps.

1) Click the link on the episode number you want to download.

It will be an adfly link. Click Skip Ad after 5 seconds:


2) After this you will be taken to Cpaste from which you can select the file size and hosting from where you want to download and follow same step as above step 1 to proceed.


If you reach a video stream instead of download in DIRECT DOWNLOAD then Right click and then click “Save Video As”, and then click “save”. Your episode will start downloading.

EXAMPLE in Chrome:



If you try and download from some mirrors in mirrorcreator or embedupload, you might get a .exe file. This is a download accelerator of these websites. To download files normally look for a box which says “Download Using Our Download Accelerator” and uncheck it to download the episode directly.

24 Responses to “How To Download

  • OK so I’m stuck… I have adblock so it’s obviously blocking adfly. adblock won’t be turned off so… Oh well.

    • You can set adblock to not block adfly.. and using adblock means 0 support to us.

  • is there a single link for the whole series? i dont wanna download one by one? please?

    • sorry we dont have that option atm

      • why not mega its more faster.

        • its equal to direct download.

          • its not a dirct download when its not mega,. why.?
            i followed the steps but iits not complete

          • I don’t understand what you’re saying.
            I the new direct download you dont need to do “save as”. That’s only for few older Anime we added.

  • how to download this with utorrent?

    • There are torrents available for only a few Anime not all.

  • Hi, really love this series and this site looks like a great place to download it, but when I go to download episodes I skip the ad and then there’s what looks like an ad that says it’s closed or something. ._. I don’t know if this is happening for everybody or just me. Just thought I’d ask.

    • Which Anime are you trying to download?
      The old cpaste is down for a moment, it will be fixed soon ^^

  • I’m trying to download naruto episode 419. But I keep getting redirected to different sites that don’t have any download link. Please help. And its not an adfly link

    • Just tested.. direct download and mega both are working fine.. Direct download have adfly links.

  • Can you please give me instructions on what to do. I don’t see the direct download or mega link anywhere..

  • Hey! when i try to download it from the directlink, it asked for usename and password! >_< Please answer me 🙂

  • Can I download more than one episode togather

  • Can i download at a phone?

  • hi. i tried downloading kuroko. when i click skip ad, the new window says nothing to do here but the downloads not starting. please help.thank you

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