Kuroko no Basket Season 2 English Subs

Kuroko no Basuke Season 2 60mb – 90mb mini HD Episode 1-26
Episodes: 60Mb 480p + 90Mb 720p
Watch Online at:  www.watchknb.com
Links will take you to Pastebin where you can choose 60MB or 90MB version of the Episode.


Episode 01: https://adf.ly/X0Vep

Episode 02: https://adf.ly/XQNou

Episode 03: https://adf.ly/Xpbsr

Episode 04: https://adf.ly/YGXTG

Episode 05: https://adf.ly/YhjSI

Episode 06: https://adf.ly/Z4lSu

Episode 07: https://adf.ly/ZQLSI

Episode 08: https://adf.ly/ZnkMN

Episode 09: https://any.gs/knb34

Episode 10: https://any.gs/knb35

Episode 11: https://any.gs/knb36

Episode 12: https://any.gs/knb37

Episode 13: https://any.gs/knb38

Episode 14: https://any.gs/knb39

Episode 15: https://adf.ly/knb40

Episode 16: https://adf.ly/knb41

Episode 17: https://adf.ly/knb42

Episode 18: https://adf.ly/knb43

Episode 19: https://adf.ly/knb44

Episode 20: https://adf.ly/knb45

Episode 21: https://adf.ly/knb46

Episode 22: https://adf.ly/knb47

Episode 23: https://adf.ly/knb48

Episode 24: https://adf.ly/knb49

Episode 25: https://adf.ly/knb50
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Coming next : Kuroko no Basket Season 2 Episode 26 / Episode 51 60MB 60 MB 90MB 90 MB Complete Mini MP4 + MKV



13 Responses to “Kuroko no Basket Season 2 English Subs

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  • Hey Guys what’s up. When will you update episode 14?

  • How many days does it take for a new episode in this series? ? ?

    • 1 episode every saturday. It’s the same with every anime, 1 episode per week but sometimes they might show 2 episodes in a day but also they might not show any at all :-/

  • would you be able to upload season 1 particularly episode 23?

  • I heard the second season OVA will be aired…. Is this true? Are you going to upload it here?

    • Hello,
      Yes there will be an OVA bundled with the DVD’s I think or the Blu-ray and yes we will add it here as soon as it is out.
      If I am not mistaken it will be of the time when Aomine meets Kuroko.

  • where is the episode 26 and so on???

    • Episode 26 is not out yet. Season 2 ended at episode 25. We will have it available as soon as it’s out.

  • Helo sir, i can not have the video link from episodes 9-14. Please sir.

    • Why ? what problem is it giving? Do not copy paste links, click on links instead.

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