Nisekoi – Episode 1-20 [Complete 720p]

Nisekoi Wallpaper

Nisekoi – Episode 1-20 [Complete] | Mini Mkv MP4
Subtitles: English | Audio: Japanese


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Direct Download contains Blu-ray top quality rips at 150mb average size.

THE END. Scroll down for latest news about Season 2.


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22 Responses to “Nisekoi – Episode 1-20 [Complete 720p]

  • Can you fix the link at ep 4 for mega

    • Direct Download is much better. If it’s taking you to a stream RIGHT CLICK > Save video as and your download will begin.

  • please fix link for nisekoi ep 4 mega link

    • Direct Download is much better. If it’s taking you to a stream RIGHT CLICK > Save video as and your download will begin.

  • is the OP/ED included or Separated ??

  • thanks for the downloads I found episode 10 to not be working for windows media, hope you can fix that please thanks

    • Please use VLC or Media Player Classic.
      These two are best for Anime, you will never have any problems.

  • Hello, umm I used the Direct Download, and when I played it on my tv the download was cut 🙁 Why is that? Now i will try to download again

    • Can you give me more details? I will try to fix it. Did all episodes had trouble or just some particular one?

  • When I download episode 10 on my note 4 it says video couldnt be played, the rest worked fine but its just episode 10 so can you please fix this?

    Thank you

    • Try downloading again. If you got from direct, try getting from mega instead and then play.

  • I think the download on Nisekoi Season 1 ep 10 is off. Tried downloading several times and shows a big file that doesn’t play. Same issue as others before with ep 10.

    • direct download or mega?

      • Actually when I click the link that says Skip Ad it doesn’t even take me to the video, it proceeds to download a 250 mb file. It doesn’t even go to the video. All the rest of the videos worked fine for me except ep 10 on download. I think the link is actually broken.

  • hello there, why is episode 10 not working when i play it in my VLC player? can you reupload it guys? pls? thanks.. hoping to consider my suggestion..

  • Can you fix the episode 4 on the Mega site it kinda slow downloading in direct download it takes over 20 min but in mega just 3 min please fix it… thankss

    • please refresh / try a different browser. It should be downloading at your maximum internet capable speed.

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