One Piece – Episode 794

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One Piece Mini Mkv 60MB Episodes.
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Since One Piece is a very big series, we have added a torrent for every 100 episodes for it.

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159 Responses to “One Piece – Episode 794

  • Thank you!!!!!!
    plz keep uploading every week i check each week and they all are epic! just the way i want it 🙂

  • hello admin, can you post the Captain Tsubasa all anime episode?

    Thanks before 🙂

  • Thank you :))
    This is awesome

  • Hey man, thanks for the uploads! One Piece has such an addictive childishness to it 😀

    Could you please add the 720p (90mb) files for 605 and 606 as they still say comming soon?

    Thanks again,


  • thank you so much

  • hey episode 610 is not 480p, it’s 360p and it’s not good quality. Can you upload 480p please.

  • Thanks Ken!!!Good work…Arihatho again

  • Please upload episode 621

  • how are you getting the size to small?
    i know some guys who are cutting fillers out of every episode but still the file size is at least twice as big. anyway you can upload and compress them from here

    • Encoding. You can search for minitheatre tutorials or something to help you with encoding.
      One Pace, I like the idea, now only if those episodes were encoded then the quality will be almost the same and yet the size would be small. 🙂

  • link for episode 623 is not working..

  • admin, can u pls upload a hd quality of one piece from episodes 1 – 500?? pls pls. i can’t look for any HD versions of it. hope u can upload it. tnx

  • 630 720p Embedupload is also Mega
    please fix it…

  • Hi, could you repost One Piece 572-580, none of them are working. Thanks

  • are these eng subbed??

  • thank you

  • Which Fan-Sub You Guyz Using…!!!???
    If Possible can you guyz Provide One Piece With
    hatsuyuki-fansubs in mini mkv i can’t find any where on the internet so if you guyz….

    • I use whichever is the fastest. Usually Yibis.

  • thank you..

  • really love this website. keeps me updating with freshly new episodes. I wonder whether you can add Yakitate! Japan. One of my fav 🙂

    • I will try. The one’s with lots of episode are trouble for me because my internet is really slow.

  • has blocked your IP 🙁

    please [shorturl],com text link uploaded…

    • Please use “Zenmate” plugin for Chrome to bypass any restrictions.
      Pastebin or any paste sites we have includes many links so incase one of them gets deleted you can still download.

  • Very sad 🙁
    The oldest episodes on this list appear to have been 404’d

    Updated episodes to

    • theres other links too on embedupload so try those 🙂

      • OK, Thanks.
        Now what can you do about uploading the first season? You know 001, 002 etc.

        • I will try to add atleast mirrorcreator links if not mega and embed too.

  • Episode 655 please? 🙁

  • Admin latest episodes are great.
    But the pastebin links are not working.:(
    So please check those . please do it ASAP .

    • I just checked, most of them are working. Use Uptobox, or embedupload links which have even more links and they are still alive.

  • But they say file not found. please upload the mega links. they are better. I did for episodes 650 onwards.
    Please upload mega links.

    • Not all of the links. Some might say that but some are still up.
      I do not have these episodes anymore so I will need to re encode.

      • none of 720p links of pastebin work

        • I don’t know what to do since some other admin added those previous episode and I don’t have them. I could arrange you a torrent if someone helps to seed.

          • That would be great sir( if seeds are available)
            But please see that they are of micro mkv size i.e.good quality(720p + 60 to 80 mb size)or 480p will do.

            I need from epi 520

            and Admin you please always keep episodes in mkv and size 80-90 mb for 720p, not more

          • I’m trying to add all One Piece from Episode 1.
            The quality / Size of one piece is trouble, the source comes in at different times always and different size so keeping all to 90mb is not possible unless the quality goes very bad so that’s why the size of it is more and less sometimes.
            One more trouble with one piece is that it comes out on Sunday at the time I am sleeping so it gets very late till I wake up to encode it in fixed 90mb size.
            One Piece is the most trouble among all the anime here.

  • Thanks for your efforts. you are great buddy.
    It would be really nice if you spend lil’ more time for your fans like us.

    many site have from episode 1. what we need is 520 onwards.
    p.s 480p (60mb) are great

    • Welcome. I try my best.
      However my problem isn’t of time, my problem is internet speed. Here it is very expensive to get a good connection(500KB/s), like $100 per month. Right now my upload and download speeds are maximum of 50KB/s that’s why lots of requests and more episodes take longer time. I’ve asked my friend to help with One Piece 520 onwards now.

      • That’s great.waiting for your friend to finish quick.. even now more 100 of my friends are downloading from this site listening to me.

        we all love the size and quality. waiting for more anime and older episodes of One piece and Naruto Shippuden and Naruto.

        • 501-560 added.

          • Thanx a lot.
            by the way Ace who encoded those 501-560. is it you or the friend you mentioned ?
            actually your general size is 60mb but these are 70mb nd some 360p

          • Yes it was my friend. I can do that too if only I had a faster internet(so I could download 1080p episodes and then encode directly from that to 60mb, so it turns to better quality).
            I am working on getting better internet so soon all episodes will be 60mb for 480p and 90mb for 720p with very awesome quality 🙂 just bare with these for a little while and later it will be all good.

  • Ok.
    by the way epi 570 – 599 are having problems for their 480p link. please check them. File not found case for some files

    eg. like 599,596,etc.

    Please check and update between 570- 599

  • Hey, I may sound dumb with this question, but I want to start watching One Piece, and that means that I want to download the first few episodes, but I can not find them. How do I download the first few episodes when they are only showing me episodes that are in the hundreds?

    • Missing episode and Episodes from 1 will be added soon. There are 600+ episodes of one piece so will take a while but till then enjoy some other anime ^^
      One Piece 1-50 are already done uploading, we will add it on site tonight so you can start watching from tonight 🙂

    • One Piece Episode 1 – 100 added.
      Remaining will be added soon.

  • Well Ace first solve the old problems.
    Please recheck and update links of episodes in 480p from 569-599 those are not working(esp. file not found).


  • Thanks for uploading episodes 1 -100 and for your constant weekly dedication !!
    I’m eagerly waiting for the rest of the episodes to be uploaded as well.

    • Welcome 🙂
      100-200 uploading, and the missing episodes will be fixed along the way.

      • Congrats Ace for nice and fast work.

        but plz fix the broken links for 480p of episodes
        from 568 to 600 .
        if possible add mega for broken ones.

  • can you make a bulk download for like 100-200, 300-400, etc?

    • We avoid that because if it gets deleted then all of them will be gone in a second.
      Do this instead: get IDM (Internet Download Manager), get lots of links like 10-20 episodes. Add them in queue.

  • This site is really cool.I like it.
    ~Btw Op 650 is not subbed and i think 651 is broken if u don’t mind can u please upload again please…… Thank you.

    • Thanks 🙂
      Op 650 720p added again – fixed.
      What is wrong with 651 ?

      • Epi 659 480p and 360p are both unavailable at mega .
        It’s saying “File Not Found”
        due to terms violation.

        Please fix this ASAP

  • Hello Ace and Xen,
    Great work fellas.
    The site and twitter are all going good.
    We are seeing a lots of improvements.
    Waiting for more..


  • one piece ep. 674? please

  • Hey, subs wont show when i play the video. Any help? Thanks in advance

  • Hello guys, as always, thank for the amazing anime…. Are there some advantages for u guys… When you use linkbucks instead of adfly?…. Because…. Most of the time, I can not open linkbucks links…. Please help or inform me of an alternative way of downloading if there is, thank u…. Reason for this being, most of my downloads are from my mobile….

  • hye,, can u add one piece episode 561 – 566? i cant find it anywhere on this site. pleaseee

  • Xen and Ace ,
    U guyz have expanded the site to a great extent. congrats.
    But one thing is not going right. You guyz claim 480p (especially for Fairy Tail and One Piece) and the size is also for that,

    but acyually all the 480p links have 360p quality and size files.
    this is not fair guyz. I know you are uploading faster than before ,but for that don’t compromize the size and quality combination.

    It highly important not to give fake tag links. If u are uploading 360p ,then say it’s a 360p file.

    • Your old work were better and of SD quality. the quality has really been degraded since the closing of your old MEGA account.

      Improve this.

      • Hi,
        Sorry, it is because of the timings of those Anime.. they come out when it’s really late at our place and we have schools and colleges too.. so we have to finish it quickly otherwise we would be 1 day late in adding them..
        If we get more people to join our team this problem would be solved 🙂

    • Hi,
      It is 480p resized to a lower window size. What we do is we get 720p and the set its quality to 480p and half it’s size so 720 / 2 shows as 360 coz of half size.. it’s the aspect ratio showing it as 360..

  • Hye admin… could u please uploading one piece episode 681 link on mega or direct download link? i cant access to linkbucks due to restriction from my ISP.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Insall Zenmate plugin on Chrome to bypass ISP restrictions.

  • hey guys… just want to tell you episode 685 and 686 is not working. the link is working perfectly fine. but, the problem is, it cant be played. Maybe, just maybe, there is a problem when all of u guys encoded it. can u try to encode it again ?

    Thanks guys..

    • It was just Episode 686.. it is fixed now, thanks for reporting 🙂

  • admin, episodes below 100 are missing. please re upload it. please 🙂 thanks ^_^

  • The Mega link for one piece episode 629 is not working

  • is it just me or lately no subtitle are provided ?

  • guys, episode 695 is not working. it says”ERROR 4040″. Fix it pleasee.. thank youu

  • Hi the one piece episodes 300-400 are not working please fix this seems its been missing for some time now oh and thanks for all the anime provided so far you guys are epic and awesome!!!!! ✌

  • episode 702 isn’t available in link

    • It’s there, I just checked.. Which link isn’t working?

  • Wow so many comment O_o, i doubt my comment will be seen. Btw between 480p and 720p, it does really make a difference?i prefer the small one but i want the best quality too, so what i must choose? sorry for the bad english:)

  • episodes 101 -300 r are not available

  • The best website ever. I love it. Updating is great. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you very much!!! 😀

  • Why is the sound corrupted on the 480p download file of Episode 723???

  • Why did episode 724 disappear?
    What about Episode 725?

  • Why older episode like 2 & 3 not available please reupload again 🙁

  • no video just audio for 725 episode..

  • can you fix ep 724 and 725? the links redirects meto other broken webs

  • Hi admin. there’s something wrong with ep 725 and 726. for 725 only the audio’s coming out, but 726 there’s no audio. tried downloading for all the mega links for 725, but still cant be played. thanks in advance 🙂

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the One Piece episodes.
    Keep it going.
    <3 One Piece <3

  • What is the difference between H265 & H264 ?

    • H264 high size compatible with all things
      h265 low size need good device to play
      same quality

  • We’re waiting for Episode 729….

  • Episode 724 has no links please fix it and thank you for your great work

  • The best website ever.

  • Hey sir can u upload the episode 561 to 566 ? I think its missing

  • We’re waiting for Ep. 733.

  • I think episode 600 and above had an adfly suspended issue .can you fix it sir ?thanks.

  • Recently, there has been a delay per two weeks. Please make it up by releasing more than an episode per week.

    • we can’t as we don’t make one piece anime or any other anime 😐

      • I know man! You’re the best.
        i was speaking to the creator!

  • ty for your hard work 😀 (btw you named episode 735, 725 by mistake) hope you keep this up

  • how long it take that adfly web site can finally solved?

  • 301-400 i got a problem

    This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

  • 301-400, 401-500 and 501-600 is a fucking! fake The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address and when i open 401-500 it go back to 201-300 shit man please fix this damn! shit! sorry cause i lose my temper

  • dear admin, please help, episode 742 has been removed.

  • Episode 780 is wrong.

  • None of the torrent from 001 to 700 has seeds.
    Please do something

    • its because nyaa died,we will reupload

      • This time could you guys please upload it to
        It offers 50gb free cloud storage.
        That way you don’t have to worry about seeds.

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