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How to be a Premium Member?

Simply Contact us using the contact form below for instructions on how to donate and become a premium member.

Please only use the form below if you want to become a premium member. For any other info, or to say hi, use the chat on right.

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Benefits of premium members are written on the “Details / Benefits” tab on the left side.

Thank You for keeping Anime Cruzers alive!

Details of Premium Membership:

It costs us $200 a month with days and nights of no sleep sometimes to bring you Anime at the best size and quality. We already do not earn anything from site but we go in loss. If everyone using this website donates even $2, we would be able to cover our costs.
Direct Download feature costs us alot and so we decided to make it a premium feature. Here are the benefits:

1) Priority in Anime Requests
We get tons and tons of Anime requests and right now we just choose randomly which Anime to add first from the list or we choose by our preference. Premium user’s requests will be given Highest priority.

2) Singular Download
Tired of clicking on Episodes one by one to download them? Click once and Download 10-50 episodes in just 1 click! (Compressed .zip file)
Simply while requesting Anime, say that you want to download “50 Episodes in 1 click” or “20 Episode” or whichever amount you want and we will make it so just for you!

3) No Dead links… EVER!
So you’re trying to download One Piece Episode 6999 but then Episode 7000 link is DEAD? So you request the Episode to be re-encoded and upload which might take any amount of time depending on how much busy we are currently. This will NEVER happen in Direct Download¬†with Premium members and you will always be able to Download no matter what Episode it is.

4) Any other particular request?
Want something we haven’t covered here? Simply message us and let us know!

5) OMG So many things for such low costs.. is this real?!
Yes this is REAL so now come and join the Premium members and the best Anime fans community in the world that is Anime Cruzers!

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